webinar look like on mobile

What does my webinar look like on mobile?

Do you need to join the webinar while on the go? No problem! Our mobile design allows you to join webinars from anywhere using your iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Viewing the webinar from your phone using in a horizontal (landscape mode) position, Presenter, Media Player, and Presentation components are enabled and accessible through the left-hand navigation. All other components are also available through this navigation as shown below: 

Viewing on your phone in a vertical (portrait mode) view, Presenter, Media Player and Presentation components are enabled and accessible on the top navigation. Additional components are also accessible using this top navigation as shown below:

You can also access these components by selecting the "W." icon in the right hand corner as shown below: 

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      To present a webinar you will need a Mac or Windows desktop, but attendees sure can watch webinar.net presentations on their phones and tablets!   
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      Yes, no problem! Make sure to record your video with your phone orientation in landscape mode. The following error message will appear when your video's resolution is not 16:9 or 4:3. How to upload a video with incorrect video resolution?
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