RTMP Stream to Third Party

RTMP Stream to Third Party

webinar.net supports an open platform and ecosystem, providing the ability to feed social platforms our live streams, as well as translations, interpretation, and other AI services.

This will allow:

  • Streaming to Facebook Live
  • Streaming to YouTube
  • Streaming to LinkedIn
  • Easier connections with translations/interpretation services like Wordly, 3PlayMedia, etc.

Create a Webinar: RTMP Streaming

RTMP Best Practices

Within Scheduler, Interface Builder, General Settings you can configure four different types of output streams:

Select Manage to select your stream output.

Populate all required fields and select Add.

Within Presenter Console verify your stream is connected before going live. Click on Stream Outputs. 

The presentation stream will be pushed out automatically once the presentation has started. You can use the Push button to push the stream out before the presentation.

Once connected you can stop the feed at anytime by clicking Stop.

How to streaming Live on LinkedIn
How to streaming Live on Facebook
How to streaming Live on YouTube

For further assistance, contact us through chat or send us an email at support@webinar.net.

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