Present a Webinar: How to Present Using Webcam

Present a Webinar: How to Present Using Webcam

Note. All presenters will be connected and automatically muted. Your device settings will be saved based on your email address.

Just click the Presenter URL, enter your name and email, and select Computer

Select Use Camera.

You will be able to unmute your camera and mic by clicking the icons at the top right section

Check to make sure you see yourself within the black box, which can be moved to the location you desire.

Check to make sure the blue wave bar is moving in the upper right-hand corner to indicate a successful connection.

If you are having issues connecting, you may need additional configuration. See the steps below. 

Google Chrome

If you are unable to connect after selecting Yes in Google Chrome, click the "lock" icon in the address bar and make sure the Camera is set to Allow. 


If you are unable to connect after clicking Yes in Firefox, select the "video" icon in the address bar and then select Allow to enable your camera.

Note. Firefox does not support speaker information. Use the Play Test Sound link to test your speakers.

I have a problem with audio and/or sharing my webcam?

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