Present a Webinar: How to Present Pre-Recorded Live to Live QA

Present a Webinar: How to Present Pre-Recorded Live to Live QA

There are three ways to present a Pre-Recorded Live webinar:
  • Pre-Recorded Live ran with auto-pilot
  • Pre-Recorded Live to Live QA
  • Multiple Pre-Recorded Live to Live QA schedules

Pre-Recorded Live ran with auto-pilot is easy. Just set up the schedule(s) and let it run as a simulated live webinar, no interaction is needed by the presenter post-recording. 

Pre-Recorded Live to Live QA involves presenter interaction. The recorded webinar will play and upon completion, the presenter has the ability to broadcast live to the audience for live QA or to share additional live content post-recording. To play both, Pre-recorded and Live QA recording videos, you just have to set up the schedule as before and add an On-Demand session.

To give a Pre-Recorded Live to Live QA webinar, these are the steps that the Presenter/Producer has to follow in the Presenter Console:

Select the Presenter URL, enter your name and email, and choose how you want to connect.

Once connected, check to make sure the blue wave bar is moving in the upper right-hand corner to indicate a successful connection.

In the upper left-hand corner of the Present Console, you can switch between recordings by clicking the "View Recordings" hyperlink.  You can also see how much time is left before the Pre-Recorded Live webinar starts.

Once the Pre-Recorded Live webinar starts, there is a visual countdown in the upper right-hand corner of the Present Console. Presenters can see how much time they have left before the end of the Pre-Recorded Live webinar. 

In the example below, the presenter has 8 seconds left of the pre-recorded presentation. 

Prior to the end of the pre-recorded presentation, select Enable Live QA. You will see the following message: 

IMPORTANT! You must enable Live QA prior to the end of the recording. If you fail to enable Live QA before the recording ends, you will be unable to use the feature.

Clicking Enable Live QA again within the pop-up will extend the webinar and the presenter can present live to the audience after the webinar recording has ended. 

The presenter can click Cancel Live QA at any time and the Pre-Recorded Live webinar will go back to auto-pilot.  

When the countdown gets to zero, a green Go Live button appears.

Click Go Live to start broadcasting live to the audience. 

After clicking Go Live and the countdown has finished, the presenter will be broadcasting live. The running clock will begin to count forward again and the End button will appear.

The Live QA recording is appended to the On-Demand webinar automatically.

To decide the what videos will be displayed during the On-Demand session, click on View Recordings within the header to bring up the following window:

Here you can: 

  • Remove the webinar's recording and just have the Live QA recording as the On-Demand webinar
  • Remove the Live QA recording and just have the webinar's recording as the On-Demand webinar
  • Edit the webinar
Just use the [Discard] button if you want to remove any of the recordings

Clicking on Discarded allows you to recover recordings by simply clicking on Restore.

The Edit button allows you to edit the webinar

Now, for Multiple Pre-Recorded Live to Live QA schedules is basically to schedule a webinar more than once using the Pre-recorded Live option and follow the Presenter/Producer steps to Live QA webinar during multiple of the scheduled times. This will allow your webinar to record multiple Live QA sessions.

For multiple recordings and multiple Live QA recordings, use the [Discard] button to remove the recordings you do not want to display, leaving the one(s) your wish to play for the audience during the next sessions. 

If you go to The Lab to edit the recording, you'll be able to see all the videos that will be played during the next session. Live QA can be easily identified there.

You have the option to exclude or include Live QA in your Pre-Recorded Live webinars. Your next Pre-Recorded Live schedule might need your pervious Live QA, if so, simply populate the checkbox 'Include Live in Pre-recorded Live'.

You are not allowed to just use the Live QA for your Pre-Recorded Live webinar. If the original recordings are discarded and the 'Include Live in Pre-recorded Live' is selected the Pre-Recorded Live webinar will not start.
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