Present a Webinar: How to Manage Q&A

Present a Webinar: How to Manage Q&A

Managing incoming questions and answers within the Presenter Console is crucial for a successful webinar. For a large webinar, we recommend using our Presenter Chat feature in our Presenter Console to help manage Q&A.

Having visibility to the questions, allows presenters to filter questions into folders. You can create folders to organize the questions.  

Within Presenter Console, open the Q&A component and select + Add Folder.

Enter a folder name.

In the example below, the webinar has two presenters, so a folder is created for each presenter. 

As the webinar starts, the audience can start to ask questions. If the Q&A component is not open, no worries, there will be an indicator to remind you. 

The indicator count will increase with the number of unanswered questions. 

When you open the Q&A component, you'll see the indicator count in the Inbox. 

You can drag a question to any of the folders you have created. You can answer questions as time permits. 

To mark a question as a higher priority, you can bookmark it by selecting the ribbon icon on the question. 

When you want to find those questions quickly, select the Bookmarked Only checkbox and only those questions will appear. A bookmark can be removed at any time. 

A bookmark can be removed at any time and Aaron can also choose to drag the question to another folder if he believes the question was put into his folder by mistake. 

Once the question is in a folder, you can still drag the question to another folder if it's been miscategorized. 

To answer the question, click on it and a text box will appear to put in your answer. The answer text box has a real-time online HTML editor for ease of use. 

You have the option to only send it to the attendee who asked the question by selecting Send. To send the question to all attendees, select Send to All. 

You can review your answer after you have sent it by selecting it again. Select Back to List to go back to the full list of questions in your inbox. You can hide the answered questions from your inbox at any time, by selecting the checkbox Hide Answered

Additionally, to keep things tidy, you can also create a folder called Answered and drag the questions there once they have a response. 

You can edit a folder or remove it if you are not using it. Note, you may only delete a folder that is empty. 

To delete a question, click on the question and use the trash can icon to delete.

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