Present a Webinar: How to Manage Multiple Presenters

Present a Webinar: How to Manage Multiple Presenters

It takes a village to create a successful webinar. Many times you'll have one, two, or even more presenters in your webinar, in addition to a moderator. Using the Presenter Console you can easily grant control permissions between your presenters. 

Note. Using a producer for your webinar allows you to have someone else in charge of starting and stopping the webinar so the presenter can focus on presenting. 

Practice makes perfect. It's always a good idea to have an informational meeting with all the presenters prior to the webinar to ensure everyone knows what to do! does not support anonymity for Presenters and Producers. If a presenter or producer is logged into the Presenter Console they will appear within the Presenter List. The solid green dot indicates the presenter or producer is online either by video or audio. The green circle icon indicates the presenter or producer is online logged into the Presenter Console but has not yet connected their audio or video.

Who's in Control? 

The first presenter who logs in has control of the webinar.

Being in control of the webinar allows you to: 

  • Start the webinar
  • Stop the webinar
  • Present the slides to the audience

You can see who has control of the console from the Presenters page. The Control Presenter icon will display: 

In the header of the Presenter Console, the Control Presenter icon is highlighted if you are in control: 

Taking back Control

When a presenter wants to take back control of the webinar, they can select "Take Control" from the Presenter Console header: 

The presenter in control will see the following pop-up window and will be allowed to resume control if they click [Take Back Control]:  

If the presenter in control logs out of the webinar or has technical problems causing the Presenter Console to stop responding, the presenter not in control can simply click the "Take Control" hyperlink in the Presenter Console header to resume control of the webinar. 

Presenting Your Slides   

As the presenter in control, once you start the webinar you can begin presenting your slides. You can see what the audience is viewing on the left in the "Live" window and have a bigger representation of the slide on the right in the Presenter window. 

You can advance your slides from the Presenter window.

Presenters not in control can see the Live window and also have a Preview window. 

The Live window shows what the audience is seeing from the presenter in control. 

The Preview window on the right allows you to advance or review the presentation without broadcasting it to the audience. 

If you are previewing slides, and take control of the webinar, the audience will only see where the previous presenter left off, not what you were previewing so there's no disruption in their feed. 

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