PowerPoint Specifications and Recommendations

PowerPoint Specifications and Recommendations

We always recommend uploading the slides ahead of time and testing before the webinar occurs. Also, when first opening the Presenter Console each presenter should view all their slides so they are stored in the cache for faster rendering time. 

A list of guidelines for slide decks below:

Supported PowerPoint Formats: PPT or PPTX
PowerPoint File Size: 500 MB
  • Use PowerPoint 2007 or later to create your slides
  • Upload slides as .PPT or .PPTX files 
  • Do not use timed animations
  • Do not set a password on your file
  • Do not link to external images or spreadsheets
  • Do not use tables created from versions of Excel older than Excel 2007
  • Do not use read-only fonts
  • Embed any custom fonts
  • Do not embed audio or video clips within the presentation
  • Do not use fading or transitional backgrounds
  • Use PowerPoint's standard animations instead of custom ones

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