How to maximize the Producer Role

How to maximize the Producer Role

About Producer Control and Setting up the Roster. 

The producer is responsible for putting together the webinar, and usually leading the session.
We provide producers with additional tools to help keep control of the webinar.

With Producer Control enabled, some options & functions inside of the presenter console will only be actionable by those on the "Producer Control" list.
If the producer role is not being used, all presenters will have access to the same set of features and functions.

Find and adjust your Producer Control roster, by navigating over to the links section and clicking on "Manage Producers" from under the "Presenter" tab:

You will then be able to pre-configure all of your "producers" by adding their email addresses to the list. Your presenters should ensure they sign in with this email to have full producer control functionality.

Let's review some of the actions restricted when Producer Control is enabled:

Starting & Stopping the Webinar:

The most important role of a webcast producer could arguably be to start & stop the webinar.
Starting the webinar will allow the live presentation to begin, enabling your presenters to be seen and heard by the live audience members. 

With producer control enabled:  Click on the green "Start" button to begin your presentation's live stream and recording. 

After clicking "Start" - You will notice some major differences. The "Start" has now changed to an "End" button and the timer for your recording has started.

Click "End" to bring your presentation's recording to a close and automatically perform any Exit URL action - configured from the Interface builder

Force Control:

The producer can assign control of the webinar to a presenter, and the presenter will get a pop-up letting them know they are now in control. 
The below icon allows Producers to Force Control.

Webcam Workflow:

If the Producer Role is not enabled, each presenter will need to approve webcam sharing each time they want to share their webcam. Other presenters can only ask to have a webcam shared, they do not have control to turn on other presenters' webcams.

If the Producer Role is enabled, consent is only needed once to bypass approval. 

Once consent is given, producers have the ability to turn on a presenter's webcam at any time. The presenters will see the following pop-up which will last up to 5 seconds:

The same will apply to the presenter's audio

Producer Panel:

  1. Attendees Window - By default, the attendee list will always be displayed for presenters and producers. To disable the attendee list for presenters, navigate to Presenter Console and within Producer Panel, click the checkbox "Visible to all presenters".

  2. Content Management - Allow all presenters who are logged into the presenter console to upload slides and change the presentation order.

  3. Poll Control - When enabled, only producers can refresh poll results and push results to audience.

  4. QOE Report - Download a quality of experience report, to reveal information on the each audience's members connection during the webinar.
    *The QOE Report is an additional reporting feature, please reach out to your CSL for more information.

Toggle Up/Down Presenter's Webcam Quality:

By default presenter's webcam will be set to Standard (640x360). If HD is enabled for your account, you may toggle the presenter's webcam up to HD (1280x720) or back down from HD to Standard.

Which will open the following pop-up.

For further assistance, contact us through chat or send us an email at

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