Create a Webinar: Scheduling Webinars

Create a Webinar: Scheduling Webinars

When scheduling your webinar, you can choose what type of webinar you are creating.


Live webinars are captured and presented from a live acquisition source, such as a telephone or webcam, and available for On-Demand or Pre-Recorded Live after the Live event has ended.

Pre-recorded Live

Pre-Recorded Live webinars appear live to your audience but are actually recordings played in a live format. Simply record your next presentation or live webinar and replay the recorded version over and over.

Since your webinar is recorded and can be edited, you are able to use your most polished presentation to ensure quality and consistency which helps you present the perfect webinar every time. Producing and promoting a successful webinar can be time-consuming but using this method will get the best return on your investment by recording once.

Pre-Recorded Live to Live QA 

This method involves launching your pre-recorded webinar, then you/your moderator would join at the end for a live Q&A. Once you have joined the event live, all the attendees can listen to the Q&A segment. 


On-Demand webinars allow you to schedule a webinar with registration and record the webinar automatically in the cloud. After the webinar, registration will stay open and anyone who registers will receive a link to the cloud recording. The host will receive registration information for both live attendees and others who register to watch it later.

Once you have scheduled your webinar, click Create.

Once you have scheduled and created your webinar, you’ll be automatically taken to the registration portion of the webinar editor.

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