Component Configuration: Q&A

Component Configuration: Q&A

The Q&A component allows attendees to submit questions during webinars. During on-demand webinars, the Q&A component can be configured to have questions sent to designated email addresses. 

Within Interface Builder, add the Q&A component to your Interface. Select the Customize tab. 

Display numbering

Add a number in front of each question in the order the question was answered. 

Display timestamp

Select this option to display the date and time in which the question was asked. 

Allow viewers to submit questions during on-demand viewing

For On-Demand webinars, questions will be sent to designated email addresses.

Send submitted questions to email addresses

For Live and Pre-Recorded Live webinars, questions will be sent to designated email addresses.


Add a Seed Question within Q&A

Present a Webinar: How to Manage Q&A

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