Can I embed a webinar into my website?

Can I embed a webinar into my website? understands that embedding your webinar is a big deal.  Who doesn't want to allow attendees to register and watch from their website! With, webinar hosts can embed their webinar on their website or company blog and stream live from there.

To Embed a webinar to you site, you can follow these steps:

First we will need to go to the webinar dashboard, you'll need to pick the webinar session, you'd like to embed,

Once you've picked the webinar session/sessions you'd wish to embed, you can go to the Webinar Actions - the three dots located to the right of the webinar dashboard:

After clicking the three dots, you'll be presented with an array of options, you can click the Embed Code option; this will show you a new action window where you can copy the HTML code given inside the box:

This code should be pasted into your website with a large enough canvas to show the full registration page and console.

This HTML block embeds the entire experience & will allow registrants to experience the full event.

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