Calculation of Live/On-Demand Duration vs CE Watched Minutes

Calculation of Live/On-Demand Duration vs CE Watched Minutes

Calculation of Live/On-Demand Duration

An online session starts from the time the audience clicks Enter and ends when the audience closes the window/tab or when redirected to the Thank You page.

An attendee can have one or multiple online sessions. For example, during a one hour webinar, the attendee might enter the webinar at the beginning of the presentation and watch for 15 minutes before closing the window. They might enter the webinar again 20 mins later and watch for another 15 minutes. In this case, the online duration of that attendee is 15 mins + 15 mins = 30 mins.

The webinar door opens 15 minutes before the start time. The live duration can be less or equal to the webinar’s duration + 15 minutes. For example, a one-hour webinar’s max online duration could be 75 minutes (60 + 15).

For on-demand webinars, since the system won’t redirect attendees to the Thank You page, people can stay in as long as they want. So, there is no max on-demand duration.

Calculation of CE Watched Minutes

Continuing Education (CE) watched minutes is a measure of how much time the audience has watched a presentation. The calculation starts from the time the presentation goes live and ends at the time when the attendee closes the window or when redirected to the Thank You page.

Therefore, the maximum CE watched minutes is the webinar’s duration.

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