Add another user to your account

Add another user to your account

If you are the owner of your account, you can give other users access to the service features included in your subscription. Each time you give access to a user, you are assigning one seat.

Navigate to Account Settings by selecting your profile image in the lefthand navigation bar.

Under Personal Settings, Account Settings, select your company name.

All users assigned a seat will appear. 

Adding a User

Only the owner can add new users. Owners are identified by the blue "Owner" label displayed next to their name.

As an owner, if you have open subscription seats, you can add a new user. Select Add User and enter the required name and email address of the new user. Remember, each user is a seat from your subscription. 

The new user will be sent an activation email. Make sure that the new user checks their spam/junk folder or adds to their contacts. If the new user did not receive an email, you can resend it by selecting Resend Activate Email under the Users tab. 

If you are not the owner of the account and you attempt to add a new user, the following window will appear. The name of the owner will be displayed, along with their email address. 

Inactive Users

You may also see if users who have been assigned a subscription seat but are not using their account. If user has not activated their account, you will see "Not Activated" next to their name in the Users tab. You may need to resend the activation email or ensure they have checked their spam/junk folder for the email. 

Subscription Seats

Each subscription is entitled to a certain amount of seats, or users. If you attempt to add a user and you do not have any open subscription seats the following window will appear. Select Contact Sales to get in touch with a sales representative to add seats to your subscription. 

Deleting a User

You can delete a user by using the trash can icon. Make sure that all webinars from that user have been archived or they will be lost. When a user is deleted, all configurations associated with that user are also deleted. 

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